I, Shaun Mackay, practice as a registered Physiotherapist. I set up the Training Lab as my response to my conviction around the place of Physiotherapy in our community. A Physio is trained to be a diagnostician, offering a wide variety of treatments and operating as an exercise specialist. That’s how I was trained over 22 years.

The Training Lab provides opportunity and space for all of this… Finding out what is really causing the problem is my first priority. I’ve spent short of a huge amount of money on equipment to ensure we can get to the bottom of the problem. Along these lines I’m doing an MSc in long distance running stepping rate. Over the years I’ve added many techniques to my arsenal of treatments. There isn’t really a ‘golden key’ treatment anyway. I think the skill is in using the best ones for the job. The Training Lab is also a home for all kinds of exercise, I have a lot of equipment to get you where you need to go, my latest technique is using 25 different exercises in 40 minutes for Psoriatic Arthritis - the results are inspiring.